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Monday, November 28, 2011

FCD Return-On-Investment Calculator

  • InlineCarbonation™ creates consistent over-run, quality and yield
  • AccuFreeze™ delivers the most consistent frozen beverages
  • RapidFreeze™ Cold Chamber system improves recovery and draw-time, while reducing compressor run-time
  • Electronic Simplicity offers easy-to-use keypad interface
  • Optimal Use of Counter Space with minimum ventilation of two inches side or back
  • Simple Design delivers Extreme Reliability using fewer parts
  • Dispense carbonated or uncarbonated beverages with individual barrels using simple on-the-spot conversion
  • Scroll Compressor provides more reliable operation than reciprocating compressors with fewer moving parts

four flavors

Step 1. Enter the number of frozen beverages you think you will sell each day.
Step 2. Enter the estimated average retail per frozen beverage.
Step 3. Enter the cost of the frozen beverage dispenser.
How many frozen beverages do you think you will sell a day?* (enter estimated daily frozen beverages sold per day)
Estimated average retail per frozen beverage is?* (enter average retail price per frozen drink)$
Total frozen beverage sales per day$
Gross profit / day (based on 76% gross profit per drink)$
Gross profit / week (based on 76% gross profit per drink)$
Gross profit / month (based on 76% gross profit per drink)$
Gross profit / year (based on 76% gross profit per drink)$
Estimated cost of frozen beverage dispenser * (enter estimated cost per dispenser)$
ROI: Months needed to pay-back dispenser
* Required field (Insert your numbers here)

Average Retail Calculator

Enter the retail price and the number of drinks sold daily for each size.
SizeRetail PricesDrinks Sold Daily
Size 1 (small)
Size 2 (medium)
Size 3 (large)
Size 4 (extra-large)
Your Average Retail Price is:$0.85

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