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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Top Ten Best Selling Sodas

The Top Ten Best Selling Sodas

by · March 28th, 2008 · 51 Comments

The other day, I came across an issue of Beverage Digest which outlined the volume of sales and market share for all sodas during 2007 (American sales only). After talking with the publisher, I obtained permission to share some of this information with my readers.
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This data is surprisingly difficult to find online, but I believe it to be the kind of information that my readers, and consumers in general, are interested to know. The following list takes into account sales information from all sources, retail, fountain and vending. It includes soda and energy drinks, but does not include bottled water, sports drinks or bottled tea.

The number listed after each soda represents the 2007 market share for that soda. So, for example, 17.2% of all soda’s sold in America last year were regular Coca-Cola.
The Top Ten Best Selling Sodas of 2007
1. Coke Classic 17.2%
2. Pepsi Cola 10.7%
3. Diet Coke 10%
4. Mountain Dew 6.6.%
5. Diet Pepsi 6%
6. Dr. Pepper 5.9%
7. Sprite 5.6%
8. Fanta 1.8%
9. Diet Mountain Dew 1.6%
10. Diet Dr. Pepper 1.6%
Coke Zero failed to crack the top ten, but its sales are growing at a rapid pace. I’d expect to see it in the Top 10 by the end of 2008.
Hey, maybe I’m just a soda/food/Top Ten geek, but I find this stuff fascinating.
So what do you think So Good readers? Do any sodas on this list surprise you? Any that you are shocked didn’t make the list?

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